I Go Slow

Wow, it's been a really long time since i've actually posted something long and with a lot of words in it. I guess it's just because of the fact that I've been bored of blogging and lazy to update and type all the sentences just so that the public could read it. However, tonight is an exception because I'm in my bed and on my laptop waiting for 12.30am, coz that's when SUPER SAVERS starts :)

Youtube is down on maintenance so I gotta wait till it starts functioning again which i hope will be soon !

Hmm i think i'm just gonna tell about my experience at Overdose the gig, which was held yesterday, since i am completely blank about what i should talk about.

Overdose is a gig that was organized by my primary school friend, Naveena. Now, she's real good in all this stuff so you can imagine that the gig wasn't horrible at all. Although the quantity of people there was quite disappointing, at least there were people! I think if I ever had a gig, the maximum amount of people who would attend would be 40 tops. Naveena's gig had obviously more people than that! And the crowd was great seeing as they were jumping, headbanging and getting wild and crazed up.

I arrived at 7-ish and I saw my friends Sandy, Joey, Brenda and Priya there. Said hi and went off when i saw some of my other friends from TTDI. Said hi to them and went back to spend my time with Sandy and the rest :) I listened to the music while waiting for Hafez for about an hour and a half? Yeah, and he finally came !

Then, spent my time with Hafez and the TTDI guys and watched them MOSH. I know it's weird, but I somehow think when guys mosh, they look funny, especially when they're moshing in a small crowd. Haha. No offence to any guys who mosh out there! I respect that you guys like to mosh, I can see that it can tend to be painful but seeing some guys, especially if they're my friends, mosh is kinda funny!

So anyway, enjoyed music again. Sat for a while then, Hafez had to go home. Said goodbye and spent time with Sandy again. Then, the concert was over and I had to go home. Took a lift from Dy's daddy and got home safely :)

All in all, it wasn't a bad night seriously. It was fun for me coz the right people came :)

ohmigoshhh its 12.37 already! i gotta call to take now! Bye!

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